Award-winning Summer Love Raspberry Vodka. Features more than a pound of real raspberries in every bottle! You'll taste both the tart and the sweet of the raspberry, as though it was just picked.

30% alcohol, versatile and easy drinking.


Summer Love Spiced Pear Vodka. Our cool-weather companion, perfect to warm you up. Over a pound of real pears combined with the warm flavour of real cinnamon bark. 

34.6% alcohol, and amazing in a Moscow Mule.



Our products are the real deal. No preservatives, no added colour, no chemicals of any kind.

Pretty simple, and what you'd expect from Summer In A Bottle.


With more than a pound of real fruit in each bottle, there is bound to be sediment settling and some minor colour change over time. We've never been able to replicate this issue, as the bottles in our cocktail cart never last too long.